Our Story

Mission Statement



To promote and energize hidden young artist with a unique vision, natural talent, and growth potential



Lack of Exposure.

- because of COVID 19 - it is hard for artists to present their work offline with a place where a lot of people can gather.



Financial Struggles


- 75% of US artists earn less than $10K per year

- Even less for female artists

- The high price of art education, low return 


- Lack of Opportunity & Exposure


- About 1.8 Million US art graduates end up not working as an artist

Good Artist + Average Audiance = Enrich quality of life.

Collaborative Business Model

Presenting art in unique ways.


- Artist have more opportunities to showcase (Original Art, Prints, Rental, & Subscription)


- Business sponsors benefit in many ways (Profit, Marketing, Brand Recognition, Increase in foot traffic)

- AXL reinvests to expand the company in future exhibitions and works with other non-profit art organizations

- AXL presents new ways to connect Artists and Clients by combining traditional exhibitions and emerging technology

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