Yuske Miura

Artist’s Statement on Collagraph in Printmaking


The process of learning new methods for creating works of art can elicit sensory experiences that will never be forgotten. When I began studying the art of etching in Japan over ten years ago, I vividly remember being fascinated by the intense richness of the black ink and how just the smell of the ink could relieve my mind of daily stressors so that I could be better focused and more productive.


I never expected that I would have a similarly exciting experience a decade later when I came to study art in the United States. A collagraph is a relatively modern method for printmaking that I recently learned at El Camino College. In this process, various materials are applied to a substrate, such as a paperboard or wood.


For this series, I chose to use a variety of foods, such as cereals and quinoa grains. For the work entitled, “Rhythm,” I used spaghetti noodles. In this project, I glued dry, straight noodles onto a cardboard substrate. Once the spaghetti noodles began absorbing the moisture of the adhesive, they began winding on their own, creating an unpredictable transformation and I enjoyed seeing the result.


The final process of printmaking requires technical and specialized skills such as applying proper pressure to the press and knowing exactly how much ink to apply to the plate. However, the use of collagraph as a method of printmaking is very enjoyable to me because, in a certain way, it is an “out of control” aspect of a very controlled process.


This additive printmaking method opened my eyes to a whole new perspective on how ubiquitous objects can be transformed into works of art with differing outcomes – outcomes that once experienced will never be forgotten.


Biography of the Artist


Yusuke Miura was born in Nagoya, Japan. He graduated from Kanazawa College of Art in 2011, having earned a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art, with a major in sculpture. Mr. Miura came to the United States in 2014 where he has been studying English and graphic design at El Camino College in Torrance, CA.

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